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DAaaS Group Leader
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+441235821900 (RAL Switchboard)
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RAL R89,-
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Dr Fan Yang-Turner (BSc, MEng, PhD)

I joined STFC Scientific Computing Department to lead Data Analysis as a Service (DAaaS) group in July 2021.

I was trained as a software engineer at Computer Science department of Dalian University of Technology, China. I came to UK in 2003 and received my doctorate from University of Birmingham, under supervision of Prof. Chris Baber in 2006.

I was a post-doctoral research fellow at School of Computing, University of Leeds, where I worked on EU-funded research project, DICODE (Data Intensive Collaboration and Decision Making) to develop new techniques and methodology on supporting data analysts to gain insight from different sources of big data. From 2013 to 2016, I worked for NHS Digital, delivering a few national software systems of Health and Social Care, such as NCMP (National Child Measurement Program), MIDAS (Medical Information and Data Analysis System) and DES (Data Exchange System).

Then I worked as a Lead Software Engineer at University of Oxford where I led the software development of a Scalable Pathogen Pipeline Platform (SP3), providing an efficient and unified process of collecting, analysing pathogen genomic data with the benefit of elastic cloud computing. SP3 won Wellcome Trust Technology Innovator Awards (£1M) in 2019 and has been used by TB researchers around the world until May 2021, when SP3 was taken by Oracle.​