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I am currently a Computational Scientist at Daresbury Laboratory. My main activity relates to methods and software development, DL_POLY4 together with Dr Ilian Todorov, Dr Ivan Scivetti, Dr Aidan C​halk, Dr Fausto Martelli (IBM UK) and Dr Kostya Tratchenko group at Queen Mary Universify of London.

I have a strong interest in new technologies and High Performance Computing and their application to statistical physics. I am also involved in the Xeon Phi and many-core versions of DL_POLY.

I have studied ​for a Bachelor degree at University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics and obtained my PhD at University College Dublin, School of Physics under the supervision of Prof Giovanni Ciccotti and Dr Simone Meloni. My doctoral thesis was on statistical physics of rare events with applications to chemical reactions using non-analytical collective variables. I have also studied for a PhD at Queen's University Belfast and worked as Computational Scientist for Irish Centre for High-End Computing and Intel Parallel Computing Centre in Dublin.

Currently, I work on implementing reactive force fields, forward flux sampling ​and Green-Kubo formalism to DL_POLY.

I have a passion for computational physics and number crunching.​