CIUK 2020 Poster Competition
21 Aug 2020






Are you involved in a project that is using computing to explore the effect of the current pandemic? Have you been involved in a project that has explored new ways of working in a virtual world? Is your work part of a project searching for a vaccine for covid-19? How has your approach to your research changed due to current circumstances? Topics of interest also include, but are not limited to, all forms of advances in high performance computing, storage, networking, big data analysis, quantum computing, exascale, and software development.

Entries to the CIUK 2020 poster competition will be displayed online and included in the official conference proceedings.  Our online CIUK poster platform allows delegates, and competition judges, to send questions directly to the poster presenters and we plan to display selected posters from Monday 9 November up to the conference on 3 December, where a panel of judges will select their winning poster. The winner will be announced before the final session on the afternoon of Thursday 3 December.

Meet The Poster Competition Finalists

Matthew Carter
University of Liverpool

"On Obtaining Near Real-Time Insight into the Evolution of the COVID-19 Pandemic"
Victoria Clark
University College London

"High temperature molecular line lists for modelling exoplanet atmospheres"
Patrick O'Hara
University of Warwick

"Project Odysseus"
Arnau Quera-Bofarull
Durham University

"JUNE: Open-source individual-based epidemiology simulation"

Previous Winners

CIUK 2019

Muhammad Omer (University of Manchester)

​Inspecting Bridges using Imaging, Virtual Reality and AI

CIUK 2018

Josh Borrow (Durham University)

SWIFT: First Cosmology Results

Contact: Computing Insight UK