SCD STFC Rucio Data Management Service
24 Jun 2021
- Ian Collier



STFC's Rucio scientific data management service




Built on more than a decade of experience, Rucio serves the data needs of modern scientific experiments.

Large amounts of data, countless numbers of files, heterogeneous storage systems, globally distributed data centres, monitoring and analytics. All coming together in modular solution to fit your needs.

Extremely Scalable. 

Need to search through billions of files? Need to transfer petabytes of data? Rucio has got you covered. Our largest installation for the ATLAS Experiment is responsible for more than 450 Petabytes of data, stored in a billion files, distributed over 120 data centres globally, and orchestrating an Exabyte of data access and transfer per year.

Policy Driven
Declarative data management allows you to say what you want, and let Rucio figure out the details how to do it. Manage your data with expressive statements. Three copies of my file on different continents, and have one backup on tape? Automatically remove it once its access popularity goes to zero? No problem.​​


Contact: Collier, Ian (STFC,RAL,SC)