Scientific Machine Learning
30 Jan 2019







The mission of the group is to explore how the use of Machine Learning and other AI technologies can help scientists analyse the vast amounts of experimental data now being routinely generated by the large experimental facilities at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and STFC’s Harwell campus. With the rapid development in detector technologies and the emergence of new experimental techniques such as CryoEM electron microscopy there are now major challenges for scientists to manage and process their very large datasets. The group will use state-of-the-art Machine Learning technologies such as Deep Neural Networks and work with beamline scientists at the Facilities and university researchers to accelerate the process of scientific discovery.

The group is a partner with the Alan Turing Institute in their ‘AI for Science’ theme. The focus of the Turing activities at RAL will be working with the Diamond light Source and their Electron Microscopy Facilities eBIC and EPSIC, with the ISIS neutron and muon source, with the Central Laser Facility, and with NERC’s Centre for Environmental Data Analysis and their JASMIN service. In addition, SciML will provide a national AI computing service for Turing researchers on two NVIDIA DGX-2 GPU systems hosted by the Scientific Computing Department. The group’s activities at RAL complement the predominantly industry-focused work of the Data Science Group at the Hartree Centre and the two groups collaborate in several joint activities.

Group Members

Associated Group Members

  • Tom Burnley, Computational Biology Group
  • Jola Mirecka, Computational Biology Group
  • Tyrone Rees, Computational Mathematics Group
  • Nick Gould, Computational Mathematics Group

Departed Group members

  • Dr. Rebecca Mackenzi​e
  • Siu Lun Yeung
Current List of SciML Projects


Projects with Diamond Light Source and EM Facilities

  • Soft X-ray Tomography
  • Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)
  • Cryo Electron Microscopy (CryoEM)

Projects with ISIS Neutron Facility

  • Neutron Reflectometry
  • Magnetic spin-wave data

Project with CLF Laser Facility (Octopus Imaging Village)

  • Fluorescence Localisation Imaging with Photobleaching (FLImP)
Project with JASMIN and NERC Centre for Environmental Data Analysis​
  • Sentinel satellite data with RAL Space

 We also host various different events, including weekly lunchtime seminars (internal to STFC) and training events focusing on these areas.​