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We design, develop, & support a wide range of high-quality software enabling large-science facilities & researchers in different domains to manage their data, while using, promoting, & developing policies & best practices around research software & data.

​The Data & Software Engineering Group (DSEG)'s main activities centre around the design, implementation and support of a wide range of software enabling researchers to catalogue and discover their experimental data; capture analysis workflows; make links between the different research outputs such as data, publications and software; support the research software development lifecycle; and use, promote and develop best practices around research software.​​

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Data & Software Engineering Group Members

DSEG is a team of research software engineers, data scientists and engineers, user interface and experience experts, system, service and project managers with expertise in software engineering, data science, knowledge management including data / metadata standards, semantic web/linked data and ontology development, and research data lifecycle management from data production to data publication;  service and training delivery. Visit individual profiles to know more about the team.


Activities and Projects