Scientific Software

Highlighted computer text against a black background.



​​The Scientific Computing Department provides a range of support activities to the wider computing community.

Under funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), SCD is involved in a number of key computing projects. Services provided include support and training, software usage, data management, networks, web assistance and shared expertise.​

SCD also directly collaborates with universities and industrial organisations to help in the development and enhancement of existing, as well as new, scientific software packages.​​


  • Simulating molecular structure
  • Close up of the top of a waterfall, with aggressive waterspray obscuring most of the background.
  • An unfinished jigsaw of a blue helix structure on a black background, under a spotlight.
  •  A layered computer generated layered crystalline structures with molecules arranged in a hexagonal pattern.
  • White mathematical notation on a black background.
  • Shapespyer logo
  • A Golden, computer generated Newton's cradle against a plain red background.