CIUK 2023 Recordings and Slides
13 Feb 2024







CIUK 2023 Welcome and Introduction


Session 1: Making HPC More Accessible

Dr Tom Deakin (University of Bristol)

​​John Taylor (StackHPC)
Dr Owain Kenway (University College London, Centre for Advanced Research Computing)
Bridging the Professional Services/Academic gap​

Session 2: User Portals

Matt Penn (King's College London)
Dimitrios Bellos (Rosalind Franklin Institute) Accelerating Structural Biology: From PC to HPC​

​​Maria Fando (STFC, CCP4)
Delivering HPC Power for Structural
Biologists with CCP4 Cloud

Session 3: Future of Compute in the UK

Richard Gunn (UKRI DRI)
​​Oliver Grant (Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology)
Future of Compute Review


Keynote Session

​Martyn Guest (ARCCA, Cardiff University) Performance of Community Codes on Multi-core Processors. An Analysis of Computational Chemistry and Ocean Modelling Applications​
​Melyssa Fratkin (Industry Programs Director, Texas Advanced Computing Center, USA) Women in Advanced Computing: Leveling the Playing Field​

Session 4: Industry Use of HPC

​Ubaid Ali Qadri (STFC Hartree Centre)  Industrial Use of High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence: A Hartree Perspective​
​Ben Rixon and Neil Martin (The Manufacturing Technology Centre)   Automated Deployment of Manufacturing Use-Cases through OpenStack HPC​
​​​Dr Rosemary Francis (Altair)  
Presenting the biggest change to HPC in 20 years​​

Session 5: Co-Design of Supercomputing Services and Systems

​​​​Alastair Basden (DiRAC / Durham University)  A foray into composable infrastructure for HPC
​Dr Tim Bellerby (School of Environmental Sciences, University of Hull) The PM Programming Language: Developing Numerical Models on Distributed Systems
​​Nick Brown (EPCC at the University of Edinburgh)  Making HPC more accessible: Effective HPC programming via domain specific abstractions​

Awards Presentation

Jacky Pallas Memorial Award Presentation

​​Muting Hao (University of Oxford)

Session 6: Supercomputing in the Future

​Mark Parsons (EPCC, University of Edinburgh) The UK's Exascale Supercomputer​

​Dr Sadaf Alam (Bristol University)
​​Paul Calleja (Cambridge University)
AIRR at Cambridge​

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